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The 2018 World Cup is upon us. The matches have already produced some interesting surprises, and there are sure to be more to follow. Fans from around the world are glued to their screens watching their national teams face off in the greatest sports competition on the planet.


Almost half of the people in the world will watch at least some portion of the World Cup this time around. But what is it about this event that captures the attention of so many people? Here are three reasons why people around the globe tune in.


National Pride

The World Cup is a time when those who live in the qualifying nations can proudly and boldly express their love for their country and their pride in being a part of that country. When the World Cup is being played, everyone in a nation feels as if they are one in support of the team. It builds unity allowing people to feel as if they are united in a common cause.


A True World Championship

Another reason that the World Cup is so important and draws so much attention is that there is so much at stake. Many sporting events claim to be the world championship. However, these events are usually just the championship of a single league within a certain country.


The World Cup produces a true world champion because it involves almost every nation in the world in the process. Before the World Cup Finals take place, teams from around the world participate in a two-year qualifying process. Only the best make it to the final tournament where the champion of the world will lift high the trophy.



The World Cup is filled with excitement, and this brings people together for a month filled with good times. Even if a person’s home country didn’t make the final tournament, a person can pick a team and still join in the fun of watching that team progress through the tournament matches.


During the World Cup matches, the excitement builds as fans identify with the team. They learn about the best players, and they have the chance to see some of the best soccer plays in the world.


While the excitement of the World Cup is building, fans from all over the world are unified in the experience. Differences are set aside while outstanding play and good times are enjoyed.