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The winter seasons is now upon us, which means that the football season will be coming to an end soon. Football is so big in the United States that even college football is a huge market. Some say that the college game is gaining more popularity than almost every other professional sport. College and professional football may technically be the same sport, but there are enough differences that make them feel like completely different games. These difference are the main reasons why college football is rapidly becoming more popular than the NFL.


The first reason college football is gaining popularity is that there is simply more personality and passion in the game than the NFL. There is just something special about seeing a stadium of crazy fans cheering for their school. Only a few stadiums in the NFL can come close to creating the same atmosphere as a college game. In addition to the fans, the players are also more passionate in college football. The vast majority of college football players are playing for the love of the game, and not for a paycheck. NFL players can at times treat football like it is a job, and that translates into a less interesting game.


Even further, because of the fame and popularity that comes with the NFL, some professional players can get caught up in their individual success, instead of their team’s success, which can be extremely frustrating as a fan.


The atmosphere of a college football game is amazing, but the action on the field is also more exciting than a NFL game. Most of the great college teams employ a spread offense that leads to a lot of passes down the field. They also let have extremely athletic quarterbacks that can take off running at any moment. Most NFL teams refuse to play in this manner because they are afraid of getting their star quarterback hurt. While there is no denying that Tom Brady is one of the best quarterbacks of all-time, it is just more exciting to watch the unpredictability of Cam Newton or Russell Wilson.


The final reason college football is quickly becoming more popular than the NFL is the fact that every game is important. If an NFL team loses a close game to one of their rivals, then they can quickly move on to the next game. If the same thing happens in college football, their hopes of winning a national championship are likely over. The players, coaches, and fans put everything they have into every game because they know it is the only way to win a championship.


While passion alone isn’t enough to change the two games in everyone’s mind, it is a defining factor that sways the audience. Which of the two markets do you find yourself tuning into on the weekend? One or the other? Both? There’s no wrong answer, but, the chances are that you’ve been tuning into college football a little bit more lately – and that’s okay.

Let’s see where 2018 takes the sport. Check my blog at for updates in football and other sports as the seasons come and go.