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During the off-season, many baseball players work very hard to make the world a better place to live. While their commitment must take a backseat during the regular season, many have set up foundations that continue to work throughout the year. Fans should learn what their favorite players are doing to improve the world. Here, we’ll take a look at some big MLB names that have dedicated their time to giving back this winter.


Purpose Driven Baseball

Many players and coaches, including Oakland’s Scott Emerson and former Texas Ranger Scott Hamilton, have worked with Purpose Driven Baseball. The team travels around the world to help people learn the game of baseball along with helping them with personal development as well. This foundation regularly puts on baseball camps for less fortunate children.


Philadelphia Phillies Week of Giving

The Philadelphia Phillies regularly host a week of giving in early December. David Montgomery, Charlie Manuel, Tom McCarthy, and Scott Palmer have given over $2 million to community charities in the name of the team. They’ve also been able to distribute toys to over 100 children. In addition to giving physical gifts, the organization has fed over 200 people homeless shelters with players serving the food to those in need. Shane Victorino, of Philly fame, has hosted celebrity golf tournaments with the proceeds going to shelters and causes in the area as well.


Ralston Cash Foundation

The Ralston Cash Foundation was started by Oriole Ralston Cash, who buys Christmas presents for families who have been devastated by cancer. Cash says that his life was impacted early on when he lost his mother at only 3 years old in a tragic car accident and then his grandfather to cancer at 12, who was raising him after his mother’s passing. He often states that he hopes his fortunes from his career can help deserving people who either have cancer or who have lost a parent to cancer have a happy and enjoyable Christmas season.


Major League Players Trust

Following the disaster in South Texas, more than 49 active and former players built frames in Dallas, Texas, for homes under the Habitat for Humanity program through the Major League Players Trust. They then attended a dinner to raise funds for Habitat for Humanity. Instrumental in the day’s events were the organizers, which included the Astros’ José Altuve, the Marlins’ Christian Yelich, and former Ranger, Pudge Rodriguez.


High Socks for Hope

Founded by David and Erin Robertson of the New York Yankees, High Socks for Hope in 2011 started after tornadoes tore through David’s hometown of Tuscaloosa, Alabama. Most recently, his foundation has delivered five semi-loads of mattresses, one semi-load of couches and three semi-loads of miscellaneous furniture to people who were flooded out of their homes in Houston during Hurricane Harvey.


While many criticize players for not doing enough good, these players and organizations are proving that baseball is dedicated to helping people in the world.